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Why I'm learning multiple languages!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I've learnt that communication is the bridge to all things in life. It is truly that important. There is so much power in a prayer made pure of heart. So much power in each story. If someone can impact millions of people with the power of their words just within this language. What could we do when we can speak multiple languages?! MULTIPLE MILLIONS. Now I’m not saying my voice will reach that many but if God puts me in a situation to be able to help even one, then Oh boy I hope to be ready. After starting to learn new languages again last year I am so excited to be able to pray for someone in another language or just saying "J'aime tes chaussures" (I like your shoes in French).

Throughout life, of course I came to notice the power of negative insults or words, but I didn't realise I started to underestimate the positive impact I have with general conversation and just using my voice. Receiving a compliment from a stranger and another offering to pay my shopping when I was having a bad day to realise this.

Every compliment I give and receive, every word of wisdom, every "opps I’m sorry" and smile from and to a stranger when you save the elevator door. The chance to help direct someone holding a birthday balloon on the side of the street. That time a stranger is wearing the same band t shirt as you. When you recite Beyonce lyrics to someone when you see them drunk crying in the public restroom. The time you bond with someone in a workout class about wanting to flop on the floor. Every funny story told by taxi drivers on journeys. The simple "I saw this and thought of you". The power we hold with simple communication.

I had an interest in different cultures since I was young and realised the importance of learning other languages since I was very little.

I used to run off to shiny things as a kid so keeping an eye on me was extremely hard. I used to go to Spain every year to visit family when I was younger. One time in a Spanish supermarket in the frozen isle a woman was crying out to a shop assistant for her daughter. She was shouting and blabbering to someone else describing the pink top she was wearing, and her hair colour and I understood. I instantly felt my cape slide on and also wanted to help find her and I started to head over. I felt like a mini Liam Neeson ready to go find this girl. It was literally seconds later when her daughter came running round the corner safe. Her mother angry but relieved. I then saw my own concerned parents b lining towards me maybe because to them for those few seconds I were missing. I may not have helped anyone in this situation nor was the safest thing to do but it taught me something from a young age. I knew in that moment the power of learning other languages. I must admit learning a new language as a grown up is hard, I've learnt, for it to work you must have a childlike adventurous approach to learning even as we grow older.

Learning to communicate is installed in our nature from birth so when and why do we stop learning?! I had no idea when this had started for me, but I've decided to make a conscience effort to not letting it happen again. To start with I've been learning French for free on a free language learning app for the past two years and recently started Spanish again! I cannot wait for the day I can be in a French boutique speaking in the language of love talking about clothes in great detail. Or maybe help a Spanish mother find her child who knows. The best thing about being a self-educator is you can study for as long as you want and the times, you're most motivated.

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