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Sunroof down, Bravery on!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

As the sunroof slides open you start to feel the sun slowly hug as sunbeams shine onto your skin. I always wanted to 'feel the wind in your hair' feeling you hear about in movies. Feeling like I was flying in the air as we were truly crusin' like a couple a bitches. My dad inspired me so much with his decision to finally get a convertible. He's always wanted one and when he finally did, he wondered he had never bought one for the same price as his other cars before. Proving and inspiring to make those exciting jumps to a limitless thrilling life, why continue to wait for things that make you happy when you can enjoy them now. So thank you to my father Chris for being a real g.

Traffic has never been so beautiful then when you can stare in amazement at the sky as an aeroplane flies right over as we guessed where these holiday people are on their way to. And this time I wasn't so jealous of the people in that plane, I was in our very own version.

I didn't realise how much more you notice around you when in a convertible also, you naturally just want to stare around and appreciate the things around you and all of Gods art, including if that's a surprise piece of horse poo on the road. Because you know a horsies been there and we love that. Driving through roads surrounded by trees that were dancing like disco balls and sunbeams raving through like disco lights with the summer tunes on the radio, birds singing of course, it was a party.

If you've always wanted something, go for it. Appreciate the world around you and the simple beauty in discovering it. Who knows, maybe I'll try go on a motorbike next...

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