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To all the people told "You have it easy"

This article is dedicated to you, and everyone that has been told we have it easy for the intention of keeping you quiet or belittle what you are going through or even set lower standards for yourself.

It is our responsibility to try learn to confide in others or someone but it is not our responsibility to then validate to them if they do not understand they have their own obsticles also. There are so many that do understand. Be proud you spoke up. You do not need to validate to others what you are going through because to be honest if they don't know, that's okay too. Trying to explain or prove this can convince your happiness needs their okay in the first place.

TO ALL THE PEOPLE TOLD "You have it easy".

A deserved bow down to all the the people that work their ass off without a lunch break for their office jobs and leave exhausted but are told by others because they work in an office “they have it easy”. You are boss people and deserve a raise.

To all the people that struggle with severe anxiety or other forms of mental health that leads to rearranging plans and when do, someone had said could easily fit it in your schedule. Making it seem you don't care which may be one of the things that cause anxiety. Needing to rearrange due to things feeling too much is not easy. Be as open as you can, when you’re friends see you miss them desperately they’ll understand you wouldn’t cancel if things are easy.

To the loyal employees that have dedicated years of their life within a company but haven't had that meeting about their pay rise for another year running. You're such a valuable person and should do what you owe to yourself and rip that bandied off. Request it. You got this.

A speakerphone been handed to all the people that are struggling financially and struggle with self worth because they currently are unable to work due to health and are desperate to but then told because they don't work “they have it easy”. Just because someone doesn’t understand does is not underestimate the hard work you are doing each day with what your'e going through.

You all are heard and Gods planting seeds for a better future. You current situation does not determine who you are or what you're capable of. Everyone experiences good and not so easy chapters.

To all stay at home parents that are exhausted raising a life to go out into the world, juggling each household obstacle as more are created to have a partner to come home to say “they have it easy” and never get that 5 hour late lunch break they needed for a job that has no off button. You truly are power people!

I’m sorry to the people forms of with unrelaxing, heart racing OCD and if I or other people have in life ever complimented your “natural” organisational skills and have people refer to wanting those qualities to come to them that easy. Feeling alone as people are referring to their illness as “having it easy”. You deserve to have that rest, that peace and understanding. A lot of people genuinely don’t understand the emotional toll it can have, there are incredible people and support groups out there with people who’s truly understand that pacing feeling that comes with OCD and help provide that calm feeling from within and help you start making the most of life..

To the men that when naturally are physically exhausted in a labouring role have people question your own masculinity when tired by saying “you have it easy” and then competed against. I’m sorry but carrying a thousand tiles or sand bags sounds pretty difficult.

I’m sorry to the people working unpaid overtime and hardly get to see their loved ones because their boss has overloaded them with unrealistic goals and once finished or tired they don’t get the recognition, are still fighting to keep their job and then are told “they have it easy” and given more targets that require overtime in a job they are unhappy in. Your time is valuable and if unhappy make sure your down time is used with great value to you, ensure you are coming up with a plan and making those steps towards a path or career change that excites you. Once you work towards this plan the difficulties at your current job wont seem as overwhelming. You deserve happiness. You deserve to see the people you love. Deserve to be with a company that gives you recognition and get you excited for self growth.

A glass of champagne to the people that feel pressure to keep what they have in a relationship where they are cheated on online but are told because these heartbreaking conversations are not in person or sex isn't involved “they have it easy” If someone hurts you then compares your situation to things worse just know, if they knew you deserved better bringing up those comparisons would be irrelevant and you have every right to say so. Know you are a princess of the highest power and loved so dearly.

A step ladder to the ones that often feel pressure to put a brave face on so when you do open up about one thing someone feels they can comment on your whole situation being easy.. You and only you know the extent of what you are going through and the things that certainly aren't easy. Its okay they don’t understand yet, if they are meant to be in your life then they will gradually learn with openness to. There are some amazing people out there that will take time to understand now.

To all the brave people hiding eating disorders and without others knowing, accidentally normalise your illness by referring to an easy metabolism or id wish this or that. Then have a whole more difficult steps in recovery after because you feel what is happening is being glorified or preferred without them knowing. Its so important to find a professional that can help you learn that self care is something we are all learning or have done along the way and if some of these people knew they would never say such things. There are incredible support groups with truly life changing people that understand. A team of kind people in a pact of taking their power back and making the most of life.

To the people struggling to afford to feed themselves after their 4 children and have their teenager demand money and say “ they financially have it easy because they have a credit card” which is one of the reasons that have lead to debt and you don't want to tell them how difficult it is to keep the house.

To the people that use a confidence demeanor to distract their anxiety but are told because they are confident “they have it easy”. You know what challenges you face and adrenaline you may feel to seem confident or try teach others to do so because you yourself know what that feels like to feel worthless. It doesn't underestimate what you feel, we all handle fear differently, boy are we all brave.

There's so many more I could write and thought I finished many times but I need to calm down is getting me real hyped. Plus as I'm writing this i'm currently slidding on my power boots and getting ready to actually leave the house out in the cold for a change. Coffee arrangements with my sister, step by step. Know are all heard even when we don't know it. Best Wishes, Elsie xoxo

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