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Small Changes towards that Big Difference

Happiness and gratitude starts with the little things. Confidence, self love and kindness start with the little things. I hope if you try these things they help you also. Practicing these things they work wonders. Hope Going into the new year you are excited to learn to love yourself and life on purpose.

#1 Choosing your mug/glass, plates or towel more carefully.

This helps you notice and appreciate the little things. It helps to feel more present and stimulate your brain with actually giving it a choice. The aim is to not be fussy, just take a moment to step back and look to see what one you would like for the day. What colour you like, if you like the picture on it etc. You'll feel fabulous sipping orange juice from a champagne glass or sipping your tea with a sassy quote on. But better than that, you'll notice a sensation which is self love and gratitude for the things around you.

#2 Taking a different route home or to the local shops-

This taste of a mini adventure helps you notice and appreciate the little things.

Going one way there and another back to your local shops you may notice more things around you whether its, flowers, how newly paved the pavement is or seeing what colour someone is painting their fence, or even a parrot in a window. Whatever it is its the small adventures that excite and prepare the brain for new memories. Its the little adventures what ever stage you are in, that help you feel and enjoy being present.

#3 Motivational Speaker whilst Making bed!

Waking up and making my bed one of the best first things to do to help spark motivation. No matter what happens that day it started with a kind start and little present for later. Some say the hardest part is getting out of bed. So, I found listening to powerful motivational speakers helps me do so. I swear I make my bed with such determination when Will Smiths shouting at me with such passion. Lets face it even if you sit back down on your freshly made bed, you are more likely to write that gratitude list or do that mindful meditation you've been curious to try or wanting to do.

#4 Ordering from somewhere new

Whether that's ordering from a new Mexican takeout place or a new clothing store. Discovery and experiencing new things stimulates a response of creating new memories. Helps us to look forward. Trying new things or ordering something from somewhere new whether you enjoy that thing or not, it can make a huge difference in feeling more open about what future blessings you will receive by just taking an adventure.

#5 Pj's nightwear etc.

When low we can spend a lot of our time in the comfort of our PJ's. For that reason its so nice to invest in a power set, one that makes you feel fabulous and fancy even if it only cost a few pounds from Primark. Having a shop for PJ's can make such a difference to that recuperation time. Its such a nice feeling getting yourself some its like sliding on your own hug to yourself.

#6 Writing list - helps organise and focus on the things you do need to do to value your life more.

Whether your goal is to drive or switch careers from a job you are unhappy in. Writing list and paying attention to those positive areas you want to help makes such a difference to how you treat yourself. If you are investing a lot of your time into other things we know we are unhappy with we get more nervous about changing it. If there is something you'd like for your life as a whole then there is everything right with writing a list and feeling great about being kind to yourself and slowly in your spare time crossing it off.

#7 Complimenting others

Complimenting others is so important, especially complimenting strangers. Being kind is so important. It reminds your brain that kindness is very real and a beautiful blessing. Reminding others of this is just as important and helps spark purpose in your day.

Whether that comes from you or others it is contagious. Complimenting others makes such a huge a difference to how you feel also. Naturally when you see someone else smile or feel nice about themselves it helps you do also.

#8 Getting things ready for you, organising pjs etc. leaving yourself a present.

Laying out my magazine, facemask and candles ready to light later makes me feel loved, special and make the most of the space I have. Preparing something for yourself when you can, whether that's making enough food for a premade meal later or putting change in your piggy bank for an item youve been wanting for months, buying yourself some popcorn and leaving your favourite movie ready for you to watch. These things make a big difference in how you treat yourself also.

#9 Colouring in/Art

Colouring in and paying attention to each colour pencil you choose helps distract and calm down. Helps find time for your mind and body to relax and once again appreciate details and little things. I noticed my mum looked so relaxed when colouring in, I gave it a try and it works wonders.

#10 Dancing

They say exorcise is so important for our happy chemicals in our brain. I've noticed, especially if focused on appearance dancing is the best and most fun form of exorcise. Dancing in my bedroom is how I deal with most bad news and I've noticed its when i'm not dancing that I handle them the worst. Dancing is so good for the soul and I notice I can dance way longer than I can do a average workout because I feel more free.

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