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Sharing Your Photos Behind Upload

If when 98 and sipping ice tea on a porch and all we have is Ipads, social media and not many photo albums, I don't know about you but i'd like to see it all. The laughter, the mess, the silly poses with your friends, the time a bird crapped down your new dress. Now don't think I'm crazy for thinking this. I want to see you matress surfing, watching Youtube videos with your cat and the time you beat your high score on your video game. I don't know about you, but I'd like to see the time you fell in a giant hole dug in the sand, as well as the beautiful pose you done just before. Both are equally empowering. One says I am everything, and I can be anything I want, the second saying this gift of life is enough, I am enough.

We all feel the same, that we should be crowing each other, lifting each other up and the ones that don't, can sure as heaven learn something from it. So in early 2000's girl power fashion, we are celebrating ourselves and each other with no limits.

Today we are celebrating your photo album, giving it the recognition it deserves and finally celebrate those photos next to the upload. Celebrating those moments when your free fun personality shines through mid selfie and stop taking things seriously, in that moment celebrate saying "capture who I am". Capture this "tongue out gangsta pose, thumbs up cheesy smile, a jump, turn around and strike a extra pose" Because boy is it fabulous.

Through experience, posting a picture online can sometimes feel like accidentally arriving at a nudest beach and not knowing whether to leave or join in. Surely it should be about celebrating the gift of life we have been given, that was the reason we took the thing. After sharing my own school diary and embarrassing stories on the internet, sharing photos online being the scariest. I realised we are most scared posting when we are not feeling our truest self. For me it was being unkind about my own appearance then was worried about seeming more confident in those photos. It took a little time to accept power in having bravery over confidence.

For you it might be the same or as small as hiding the mess that you move to the side before taking a photo of your outfit. I am here to tell you, each side of you is worth celebrating. I celebrate you. You are so f*ing worth it. Thank you each and every person that sent in your photos behind the upload, you are hilarious and so inspiring. Thank you for every empowering person that shares an honest and kind photo, thank you, you are, as my mum would say "f*king fabulous!"

# Self Celebration

Yes queen. For all those towel headed Instagram photos many of us have tried to get. This is truly the reality. And all hail our sister Lucy Clarke to give it to us. I love it. The get ready to get ready. Both so fabulous. One says yes I have my sh*t together, the other saying oh i'm living hun. Thank you Lucy for your legendary personality and speaking up on behalf of the world, yes the world with this photo, celebrating taking time on ourselves like it should be. Here here to self care. I'd know i'd love a face mask fluffy gown and towel on my head right now. Or those earrings right. Lucy Is an incredible singer, photographer and all round brilliant personality to be around because of her humor, flare and the way she can understand anyone and give the best advise. Thank you for being an incredible friend.

Voice Of The Icon:

"In a world where you can be anything, always be YOURSELF!"

# For the Mummas

Dodging and running away from the hoover with you when we were younger was brilliant fun. Seeing your little Louie now do the same has been just as much.

Thank you Holly Harris and Louie for sending in what is a example of the beautiful reality of painting with baby beans. You both captured one of the cutest photos I've ever seen.

Holly is the best sister to me. She has always been there and my biggest and best support system. She inspires me everyday and is brilliant helping me open up when sad, to be myself and believe in my dreams and ideas. She is an incredible listener and has an incredible way of helping me discover my voice. Seeing her adapt to motherhood the way she has has been inspiring, shes wonderful at it. Holly being an incredible artist, the best interior designer, carer and great taste in music, Its no surprise Louie is artist and incredible with music too. Thank you for everything you do for everyone in your life. You are the most deserving of celebration. Thank you for sharing this photo with us, the process of a little human learning the world is a beautiful thing and sometimes funny.

Voice Of The Icon

"Despite how much I love to care for my family, I will never forget to Invest in myself. It sets a good example. Of all the traits my boy inherits from me; I hope he takes a little of my new found self acceptance. I hope that he'll shine in becoming exactly who he wants and is supposed to be :)"

From Louie the Icon "TA DAAAAA"

# Taking The Perfect Eye Shadow Shot

Bonnie is such a rock star to me. Not only does she have a bad ass attitude, cracking laugh and kind nature, I once saw her jump into an opportunity to celebrate other women and walk in a catwalk. She walked on stage, smiled shrugged her shoulders and then fiercely strut down the runway owning herself in such a cool way. Her photos sent in being so relatable. Trying to take the perfect eye shadow close up shot, anyone else have a giggle looking back at the photos seeing if we got the right distance away from our eyelid? Classic. Thank You Bonnie, you are an icon.

Voice Of The Icon:

"I had no idea how this look was going to turn out. My only idea I had was I wanted to put colour on my face haha! My inspiration was drag queens! I love drag queens and lately, with the lockdown for Coronavirus, I’ve been binge watching them. I’ve been feeling so low and unsettled about the state of the world at the moment and I feel I have lost some vital people from my life because of this virus, so binge watching Rupaul’s Drag Race has kind of been my little escape.

I will never be good at make up, but I will make it work for me!

A good friend told me, “the only way to get out of hell is to go through it” so when your brain is being a bit scattery, just keep going, it’ll be hard but it’ll be worth it."

P.s This makeup is beautiful, you look amazing!

# Capture Thisss

When taking a selfie its nice when your personality shines through to remind us of even more reasons to love yourself.

Maria you are inspiring to me. You are a superhero no surprise you being a Marvel fan, a incredible mother and a fun and wonderful energy to be around. You are a beautifully glowing person! Hilarious sense of humor and I'm so excited to be celebrating your playful personality because you are so magnificent. With your photo you inspire us that we are our happiest when we set our silly playful spirit free. Thank you so much for that. You are everything.

Voice of The Icon:

"Live Life to The Full"

# Squad Photos

Tyler is an incredible inspiring person, I'm so blessed to have her as a best friend. From gift hampers when ill or sad to lending healing crystals, being able to bring light to any situation. From being an incredible writer and poet, charitable and an activist by nature, incredible cook but she also knows how to work a camera and runway like no other. Seeing her self confidence blossom has been the most incredible thing to witness. With such a powerful message of peace. I knew she was perfect to ask to help me with this mission.

Sam's an incredible blues guitarist, a vibey old soul and we can always count on him to start a perfect campfire no matter the weather. He is a brilliant friend and boyfriend to Tyler. From sketching his ideas in a notepad to seeing his furniture or home DIY Shelves is incredible to see. You never fail to amaze and surprise others.

Courtney has a deep love and purpose to help animals and is training to be veterinary nurse to help keep the animals we love healthy and happy. What a beautiful thing. Shes also loves to travel with her boyfriend Chris, with great taste she enjoys attending theatre performances also.

Chris has the ability to make anyone laugh. He is a brilliant person to play funny board games with. With a brilliant sense of humor, he also has many magic tricks that will have you so confused, obsessed with magic and amazed of course. Thank you for managing to bring such happiness in a room.

Voice From the Icon:

"These photos spark so much joy when ever I scroll across them, not only was I having the time of my life with my amazing boyfriend Sam but we got to experience new adventures with our Besties on holiday in Kos. This photo was taken on the bus while on our way to the coast of the island where we then got to board the submarine boat and watch in awe as fishes Swam past, I am delighted we captured not just a nice, smiley photo but also the magic and fun of the moment where we were being silly and goofy en route to more glorious fun. Snapping a picture in the moment of time where you are just having fun and not worrying if it's "uploadable to insta" is my favourite photo to look back on, it brings great happiness and really takes me back to the radiance of the memory. Looking back at both of the photos I feel so grateful and blessed to have such great people to experience this wild ride called life we are given."

# Posing with pups

Chris is a brilliant character, great sense of humor and a lover of dogs. Same for his incredible girlfriend, Courteney, this is her lovely dog named Trixie (Who loves nature walks and treats). We've all tried to take photos with our pets who are one moment posing and then the next ready to attack with their saliva. Celebrating our animals and those moments when we think its the perfect time to take a photo with them and then Baym!

Voice Of The Icon:


# True Love helps You Love True You

Knowing these two have been a blessing, they have a contagious laugh. Their love is inspiring. Being high school sweethearts they still laugh together. They are kind funny and adventurous and always encourage each other to feel great. Paige being an inspiring boss lady, who chased her dream and followed her talent and has her own beauty salon called Heaven on Earth. David has a brilliant personality and love kicking a football in the air, he manages to stay driven and carefree. They always encourage each other and I believe this is their secret.

From the magnificent Paige herself:

"I am a perfectionist, I seek the perfect photos of us, the perfect pose, the perfect smile and yet David, my wonderful other half always manages to bring out my fun, carefree side. Looking back at photos the "perfect" ones are not the ones I love the most, the ones I love the most are the in the moment ones, the ugly laughing ones, the slightly blurred one... ones that show life, a life that is lived and a love that is shared!"

# Uploading Our Laughs

Georgia King is her own cheerleader. As well as one of the most loveliest, free spirited people I've been lucky to meet. With a huge dream to travel the world for a living, she has faced many disbelievers or people telling her how stability would be in a regular 9-5. Nauh not her dream Monday. For her, that stable feeling comes from listening to herself and believing in ones dream. Can I get an Amen?! Listening to herself, She was able to start exploring the world, including a one year trip to Australia. You go girl! Because she pushed forward with an opportunity with Plannet Marketing. A mobile travel role that also allowed her access to brilliant travel deals. If interested and relate to her story, she welcomes you to message her for more details on how you can also get involved.

# Squad Photos

Sherries an incredible best friend, the best listener, she has a brilliant sense of humor and an amazing ability to make anyone feel great about themselves. With a fascination with astrology and space, she is the perfect person to stargaze with. Adventurous and born to travel and sprinkle her positive energy all around the world. Shes so supportive and encouraging and she makes sure to bring this to her self care in such an inspiring way. Naturally driven and installs a spark for self care. You'll often find Sherrie going for a mindful run which this experience or runner instinct came in handy when we'd be at a Justin Bieber meet and greets. Thank you for being the best friend anyone could of asked for.

Jemma has the brightest energy. Meeting her for the first time I knew we'd be incredible friends. I'll never forget on a slumber party, the pizza we ordered finally arrived at the door. Jemma jumped up, slid and face planted the floor, petrifying all of us there. Then got up no it was nothing, ran to the door arriving back in with the biggest grin holding pizza. Her determination and even in the shocking times, finds an incredible way of standing up and smiling through it. You are a rare treasure.

Georgia is a fun character with a smile that can encourage anyone to do the same. These photos inspire me, your fun silly character demonstrated in these has made me want to dive in and search my photo album.

Sarah is a kind and hardworking character, she's a sweetheart and bad ass spirit. Shes such a blessing. Thank you for this photo, for sharing your incredible personality with us. You are so worth it.

Its a rare treasure to get to see those friendship photos that don't make it online, one where your squads keeps in the album just for them to look back on and smile. Thank you for sharing your beautiful friendship with us. These photos are brilliant. Reminds us not take things too seriously and strike a pose or see what expression your face can pull sometimes to make yourself or others laugh.

Thank you for reminding us how precious it is to be free and silly around someone. The funny ones with friends in photo albums are sometimes the best, show you the ones that you can laugh around are a gift and should be celebrated. Thank you for inspiring us to check our photo albums. The fun strike a pose photos with your friends. You have shown me so much about being free within these photos. So much about having fun with photos! To say here's a moment capture it. Thank you girls for that!

Well there you have it, you don't need me to tell you, you are enough. More than. Each an every side of you. And from the queen Whitney Houston singing through my headphones right this second.. know you are every woman, its all in you. We do incredible things when we are kind to ourselves. And even more so when we come together. Imagine what we could do coming together with that new found self celebration, what a world it will be. Global encouragement. I have goosebumps. For the sake of revisiting in the future, please don't delete the photos in your album just because you feel its not up to Instagram standards, if it makes you smile or laugh, share the world that it is okay to share silly photos. Celebrate when your personality shines through. Because you are great. For you and little you, you are worth celebrating. xoxo

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