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Sharing Photos behind the Upload!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Why do I, right now posting this, somehow feel like i'm about to skinny dip in the pacific ocean?! Or bungee jump into a pit full of crocodiles?! When I'm not..clearly, I'm just doing one of the most difficult to post blog articles so far. But gosh I'm proud of myself for doing it. And if there is literally only one person that can benefit or feel empowered by me sharing this, then It is worth it. Even if that one person turns out to be me.

For me taking these posing outrageously photos was to help others celebrate themselves. If I of all people can learn to do that, then the world is filled with possible impossibilities. I never knew how to explain that or what I was going through so I guess many wouldn’t know the power behind the photos. The power behind the pose. Alongside these photos there are always a thousand to have a giggle at but until now, I never gave myself the chance to. (Despite the self accepting purpose of photos). I've realised it is so important to. You'll see some things are just funny. Here’s some of the photos that clearly just didn’t make it to the gram for me but maybe they will.. And if you like, this is where you come in! If anyone laughs or at all feels empowered by this post, I’d love to see one of your photos that just didn’t make it online, for any reason! Learning to embrace it all and laugh, to love and say I'm worthy should be an exciting and spontaneous journey.

We all take a thousand pictures to get one where we can look our most confident, social, richer or more serious to be sexy. That's no secret of course.

I’ve been trying so hard to shift that and post more real photos, but I’ve found that near impossible. I thought being honest about it would help me create the fun, purpose filled Instagram I wanted and hopefully have some other people fear facing also.

This started with me trying to drag a mirror to face a huge fear and take a ‘friend selfieee’ with myself hoping to empower others- odd but what I thought was powerful yes. But once again I pressured myself, cried, then appeared fearless in these photos and it didn’t feel right continuing posting without addressing it. The power in the pose. The power in despite how you feel, showing acts to yourself that show you are worthy. I never would want an Instagram that creates that pressure, but trying to find the balance for self celebration, honesty has been hard. But shes working on it ;) Today, I'm sharing it all as a sort of naked air dry when you're out the bath approach to this issue but shes excited and petrified.

For you and little you, From the Fear facer herself xoxo

I may not of felt good whilst taking that photo. But what did feel good was hugging and clenching onto that person inside the mirror throughout each feeling about my body. What did feel good was telling myself you’ve got this, do it for other yous and smile, despite how I was feeling about my face. What did feel good was despite any shakeyness I stood up proud of all the people I’m trying to represent. Proud of how far I have come. By no means am I advising anyone to go grab a mirror but I’m excited to see your I am worthy photos and create a second blog post.

Oh Christ I'm doing it! She is really doing it. Start it off with a banger. I honestly don't know how to explain this one. This one truly has me in stitches. I debated putting this in here so bad but It just needed to be done. A classic.

Well Great, we've all been there, Tryiinngg our best to take a tourist picture and end up with a face full of hair. Seems about right. I've learned to try embrace it, try not to choke on any spit ends but of course embrace mother nature sending me a laugh. A reminder to stop taking things too seriously, stop judging yourself "have thiss!". I was starstruck meeting the Lego version of my dream city and especially The Empire State. One day I'll make it to the top of that thing and bang my chest like King Kong, you'll see.

The Photo Uploaded # The Photo behind the Upload

Maybe this ones only funny if you saw how many attempts of a photo of my nails I tried to get. Quite understandable really, My friend and incredible nail lady has a cute dog. I took so many pictures trying to get a photo of my new nails for her. One with my cushion, fashion magazines, her dog. Which is where the multiple pictures of my hand on her dogs head was hilarious. Nails looked so lovely, I was so judgey of my hand and my hand pose. Re positioning it on her dogs head and getting different angles. Its ridiculous, why was it necessary, I do not know but bless all of our pets putting up with us doing annoying things for the gram.

Follow Wise Beauty on facebook to book your next nail appointment! xoxo

Photo thought I was going to upload but did not Photo behind the "upload"

Uploading this profile picture was a revolutionary moment for me. Almost falling over as my sister directed me to "yeah stand on there" "fabulous" was a revolutionary moment for me. I felt a cloud over myself of what others were thinking but the reminder of who I'm doing this for, made me pose that much harder. You go girl and all the people on the journey for their own self celebration!

The Photo Uploaded The Photo behind the upload

On the subject of embracing. Taking a photo with cute baby goats almost ended up with me being bald. But to celebrate the moment, I quickly took a panic photo before saving the hair I did have left. In this moment, I threw away any attempt of taking what was uploadable and in old school fashion just toke a photo because I was capturing something. Ahhh bliss, not my hair being wripped out but I cannot wait to see social media evolve to this more. The purpose of taking a photo to capture a moment is much more fulfilling.

The Photo was going to upload but did not.. The photo behind the "upload"

My favourite, and the most important lesson for me. This day, with Eleanor was one of my favourite moments..Ever. What a day! It was so funny trying to take these pictures after we were emotional wrecks after watching the new Disney Aladdin film. Posing outrageously as we hid from strangers. Although we were trying to get a photo for the gram, we were focused around having fun and being silly, demonstrating the power behind the pose and celebrating that moment. She being so great at celebrating each moment.

I feel so grateful for the deleted album. I was so focused on what photos were uploadable that some of the ones me and her laughed at the most, my most favourite, the ones that make me laugh to my core were found in the deleted album. Its such a shame that it took her finding her wings for me to realise this. But she has always managed to make me laugh so its no surprise.

The Photo uploaded The photo behind the Upload

Well there you have it. I posted what was the scariest reveal so far. Could be worse. I couldn't quite justify adding one of a camel toe, however the last photo does look like a have a penis. But i'm representing all people right now so Amen to it all, i'll upload it! Thank you for reading this and taking the time to see me face my fears of uploading photos on the internet. For someone who would often have a panic attack after a photo upload, I have to say this is such a liberating moment. A f u to the bully in my brain if you will. A huge hug to each and every person that questions their self worth. You are loved and perfect. You my friend are enough. More than. xoxo


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