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Home spa hacks for you and the gals!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Anytime we can feel like the cast of the real housewives of Beverly Hills, were down for, right? Transforming your home into your personal spa, is the best way to confess kissing that guy or celebrate her getting the promotion, or finally admit you're human and feeling heartbreak. Thanks to growing up with Bratz movies and watching them put guacamole on their face? I've been perfecting my home spas for over a decade. Grab your best friend and have that extra over the top pamper you have all been wanting to kick your lovers out for. Here are a few of the best tips for your next girl's night in. How to get the best atmosphere, pamper hacks and other 'boujee on a budget' ways of glamming up your home pampers for cheap. Truly the best last-minute way to make someone feel special. All tested and approved by moi.

1.Hot face towel hack-

Finally! You can pull that slow cooker out from the back of your cupboard. One of the best ways to ensure you have those hot steam towels ready to relax on your face is using a Slow Cooker to keep the flannels warm/hot. I like to add a little bit of fresh lavender for the healing skin repairing properties as well as the amazing smell. You can hot wet the towels and roll put them in there so stay warm, I'd do this very shortly before the guests arrive, so they smell fresh of lavender and ready to use. Thank me later.

2.Robes -

Having your fancy robes or gowns ready for all your friends to throw on, is a perfect way for your guests to feel that little bit extra whilst you're wearing those funny sheet face masks that we all love. If you don't have a collection yourself, suggest they bring their own. If celebrating a special occasion like a new engagement or birthday, you could even make personalised ones prior to the evening. Someone gifting you a robe with your name diamonded on the back?! You'd feel like a popstar!

3.Essential oils and candle burners -

Scents truly change a setting! Having the room fill up with relaxing scents are a great way to walk in and feel that instant relaxing change in atmosphere as you walk into the room. It helps create that spa space instantly. Autumnal ones are perfect in the evening with candles lit all around.

4.Flowers -

Call me cliche but I love flowers. What can I say, Flowers just transform a room instantly to an "I love me" space. Flowers are beautiful to showcase and bring a fresh and feminine atmosphere as well as is great to glam up your foot spas or wash bowl by using petals to bring it a bit of colour. Or freezing petals into ice cubes for your drinks. *Chefs kiss*

5. Foot spa and Fluffy Socks


Having a bucket of new fluffy gift socks ready for them to pick and choose will always be appreciated. There's nothing better than sliding your new soft pampered foot into a fresh new pair of fluffy socks. Have the moisturiser or foot cream next to the socks so they can dip before they slip. If you're doing your own at home pedicures, then have foot spa or warm water ready to finally relax.

6. Quick Setting nail polish hack

A hack my Nanny taught me, was how to set your nail polish in speedy time. The days of flapping your hands around or blowing air onto your nails is over. Yes, don't thank me, thank my nan. A hack you've needed all this time. Trick is, holding your freshly painted nails in cold water for a couple of minutes. It's a great way of setting them fast and keeping your nails nice when distracted by all the Prosecco pouring. It's that simple. Holding your freshly painted nails in cold water will change your life, especially if you're easily distracted and smudging your polish is second nature. It's great to have the amazing option for your guests. Having their own hand and wash bowls with cold water, is just a boujee way of having the perfect at home polish. Cold water can also be useful earlier on when closing pours again after your skin routine.

7. Cucumber slices-

Cucumbers are my spa essential! I use them for the drinking water for extra hydration as well as cold wash bowls and freshly cut slices to place over your eyelids to reduce swelling under eyes. And they make a great snack too.

8. DIY and creative spa tips -

Some people like a do-it-yourself section also so having fresh natural ingredients for homemade face masks are a brilliant way for people to get creative and be their own Kylie Jenner. Avocado, oats, honey, Yogurt even egg whites can leave you with that smooth skin finish. Another fun tip is having mixing plates where people can mix nail polishes to create their own colour is a great fun experiment when pampering.

9. Music

Might sound cheesy but having spa music playing or even Britney's classics will create an atmosphere when your guests walk in. You can even make a themed night using the music. Having elevator music or N sync playing may make them giggle walking in. But shows the extra lengths you've gone to create a spa sanctuary.

10. Summer Garden Spa

If you're a sucker for garden centres and want to show off your new peonies or just a nature bean, you can even bring it to the garden and do your very own garden spa and cocktails. Thats if you're not worried about any neighbours catching you with cucumbers drying on your eyelids or wasps enjoying your facemasks. But I'll let you determine if the weather and environment is just perfect for a summer garden spa with snacks. Just remember your shade and Spf ladies.

There are many more ways to make your home spa paradise special. I hope this inspired you with some ideas to feel like goddess that you are. This would be great for a surprise baby shower idea if you want something surprising but won't drive anyone into labour. Or even a birthday where you're broke but is a boujee b*ch at heart and deserves to feel that glow. Or even for that friend that's been struggling with nerves, and you want to bring the spa to them. Or celebrating someone's breakup, celebrating an engagement. What am I saying you don't even need an occasion, plan that overdue date with yourself and watch your favourite movies. Until next time, know, I love you more than fresh cucumber slices.

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