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My Confessions as a Shopaholic

"Just like that" ;) I Pressed this publish and I'm back, the girl sharing her own embarrassing stories and secrets on the internet. But what can I say? I love doing this whilst you read from the cosy comfort of your sofa, bed, in a taxi attempting small talk? Hopefully not laying next to a crappy boyfriend? We've been there and anyone reading would agree that you deserve better. Wherever you're sitting, I'm glad you're here. This may be my favourite article so far.

From Shoes, lingerie and sprinting to anything shiny. Truth is, Sale signs excite me just as much as the thought of 90's runway Chanel, so although I don't have 90's runway designer yet, nor have a bag (I mean big) enough walk in wardrobe to display everything I've bought yet, I'm a believer in treating ourselves like a billion bucks on a budget. Some of my feel 5* tips are even for free, I thank my college years for those. But I'll save those babiesss for another article. I've always dreamed of making my own way in the fashion, beauty, media and entertainment industries, I have billionaire business ideas and I plan to one by one share them all, as I truly believe they can help the world, including you reading.

Until then, I'm that girl that's worn a matching pair of green strappy stilettos to my cheap Primark dress and confidently walked into a mansion for sale, for a tour, as very kind people assume I'm rich and show me around. You may call it wasting their time, I call it 'law of attraction'. ;)

Today here's some of my secrets, as someone that just loves shopping, loves fashion and well loves adventure. Hey maybe one day I'll make a living off of shopping one day.

Oh and one more thing, from our favourite 2000's chick flicks to now, girls that love fashion are made out to be shallow, dense or the opposite of feminist, but its far from the truth. Fashion is liberating, empowering and can remind women they can be anything they dream. As well as any one that can style a £2 piece of jewellery to feel like £250,000, isn't just genius but is someone that make's life adventurous and will stop at nothing to make as many moments in life feel like, well...when you find a sparkly 80's style dress in the sale section that just happens to be your size.

And remember those that choose to. Life may be way too short but that skirt you truly want to wear, will never be. So wear what liberates you, any fear you feel is their shame not yours, no matter what you've been through. Lets start confessing and cringing shall we, grab a frozen mojito as I know I definitely will when I finally click publish. And oh how I've missed pressing that blue publish button.

  1. Like Bloomingdales or Oxford Street(Only a little more 'pants').

Clothes are now overflowing to our spare room, cupboards, the downstairs laundry room, and even the garage... Some with tags on, so I treat my home like shopping mall! You of course reading, if ever round for karaoke and cocktails, are welcome to borrow anything! Sometimes I even rummage my mothers drawers and restyle her clothes as a off the shoulder dress or tie around shirt. Or turn and style a dining cloth into many tops...As well as scarfs and a even worn a couple of my own pants as a top... The adventures of turning anything into something I love. Between us, my past boyfriends have no idea what I've tried with their wardrobe. But if on the off chance their reading, heyyy... great clothes... (I wear it better ;) )

2. Eye on the... "why's"?

You know in movies where you see us shopahoL...'lovers' race towards a pair of shoes or dress and wrestle each other like a tug of war... I'm not that crazy..Well I've not tackled anyone to the ground that is, that wouldn't be pacifist or classy of me. But I have raced from the other side of the store to snaaat...'grab' something off the shelf. Anyone close by made jump and laugh because in reality, she was looking at something else. There's a smile, well wishes, a giggle and a 'Oh I love your shoes' but both of us thinking 'HA'. I usually calmly brush my hair behind my ears and look away poetically and peacefully before walk away thinking the stores almost empty and there's plenty of these. Okay I'm a little crazy, but I do have great shoes none the less.

3. Sign me up for supermarket sweep!

An old friend, a colleague of mine made me 'a save money' spreadsheet. So kind of her and now I'm all for it. Manage your money you can shop more. This spreadsheet was so I'd spend less time looking at Simmi shoes and watching sex and the city. But when it came to lunch breaks popping to New Look, a "no time to shop" its a "in and outttt".... My ears perked up and heard it as 'a speed shop'. I was able to browze like a shark, shop, make it to the till and leave with over £80 worth of things that I loved within around 60 seconds or less. I was happy with my lifestyle at the time as I had a matching pair of shoes to every top. (P.S This reminded me of the time I'd have those £2 hot food or salad boxes at Morrison's, they were amazing! Have you tried them?)

4. Pop till I drop

Oh boy, this one. I know how to get discounts, the right time to buy things and how to avoid scammers, I even have a checklist, which I usually NEVER forget and you'll see why... Imagine my face when I recently received bubble wrap through the post instead of a cardigan I was excited for! A £40 "Oh f*ck", Its okay, you can laugh. Because just this once, I forgot to do my checklist!! I'm a believer in "to live is to be Impulsive" but when it comes to shopping or spending money, Ladies and gents, Always do your checklist! Not even enough bubble wrap for me to make a top or bag out of for fun! The fake store was called Ultamodan. Which translates to "reverse fashionable".. so the jokes on me really.

5. Not only breaking the bank...

My set of drawers physically broke from trying to fit things in. Which is a shame as they are so organised inside now. But I guess id rather buy clothes from flash sales than search Shpok for a new set of drawers... But if you would like to know, these set of drawers were only £15 then painted white and handles switched to diamond handles. I said I love to shop, never said there's not brilliant ways at doing it. But quick plug as were on the topic of my bedroom, my sister is an incredible interior designer, she managed to give me exactly what I wanted and more, the room of my dreams on a incredible budget. What can I say, I'm incredibly lucky to have her.

6. For Shoe I've been and For Shoe I'll be

Maybe this tips more of a confession from a shoe collector but I collect shoes..surprisee? I even kept a couple broken pairs because of where my feet have walked in them. Whether its Fashion Week, helped me get a call for a promotion to senior role AND a pay rise BEFORE id even started the new job, which in the future included the opportunity to be relocated to New York City (That's a story time Id love to share, as well as some of my feel great interview tips) or leave a relationship that was treating me scarily unwell to pursue the art of being myself. When I finally have that walk in wardrobe, they'll be the first shoes I place on the shelf. Broken next to new, Primark hopefully next to Platform Prada

(because once a bratz girl, always one, but you'd be surprised, kitten heels are slowly growing on me, but don't get your Savage X panties in a twist I'll doubt I'll be wearing heels under 5 inches anytime soon, well we'll see, I feel a shop coming).

7. A sixth sense for shopping.

This one has me feeling nostalgic. (dont know why, i was literally shopping today...)Going into the stores twice a day and truly keeping an eye on everything, I gathered a sixth sense for shopping. The perfect time to buy things.

I used to keep receipts after I bought things full price then return them when they are on sale, get a full price refund. This way, I'd rebuy it and would have a spare tenner or something to shop around with or just buy something new all together as Id already worn it and taken photos with it a bunch of times and was ready for the next item. Ahh genius or cheeky, hopefully not illegal, crikey was it I never thought of it like that, oh boy, lets keep it between us? (Sips frozen cocktail) You can thank my college days and lunch beaks for that. Majority of the time this was from Topshop and remember how it felt like the most incredible expensive shop.

8. I don't mean to coat

Many feel that budgets are dependable. For me it means, well it depends... Ballgown shopping for a Christmas gala that I told myself I was only going to buy a gown, ended up with me also leaving with a £130 coat with foax fur that made me feel famous and I didn't want to take it off so I had to buy it. But It was an investment? I get extremely cold easy so I guess it helps...? It doesn't quite fit me like it used to, but it sure as heaven makes me feel the same.

9. Could of saved my embarrassment

Saving money can be just as exhilarating. To a shopaholic that means discounts but you'd be surprised, I have tips for saving money too. One genuine tip for saving if you want to cut down spending, is to put everything you're paid in your savings, everything, or get paid into it, and only move money across to your debit when you have a shopping list or item. That way It helps when you see a £130 coat with foax fur. Well maybe... But right the actual confession... you know that nervous should I shop feeling...? I feel so alive when I nervously line up at the till with my card in my hand and beep....accepted. Its like this huge rush. Fireworks fly. Editing Elsie got declined today...We wont talk about that or the line of people waiting for me to transfer more to myself, but confession 10 explains more. Now don't worry folks, I don't have a credit card, I was advised against getting one when I was 17 by what was my therapist. Wasn't her job but also, she wasn't wrong. I do have great shoes though, so did she.

10. Shopping as we speak...

Writing this, in my bargain satin nightie and matching robe, I currently have online shopping tabs open as we speak. Beauty bay for some skincare, Ego shoes which is one of my favourite places to search for shoes in sale sections, head over there, Shien flash sale and Ciate watermelon lip oil/gloss that I've been wanting since a Summer Cosmopolitan issue but now Its also on sale and summers coming up so I'm excited for watermelon lips. (P.s, some things have arrived, watermelon heaven! lipoil 10/10 recommend)

11. Nationhide

More than once I've been on the phone to my bank about how money has been stolen from my account only to realise after 30 minutes or more that the IT WAS ME, I spent my own money and was clumsy with impulsive shopping or my subscriptions. So embarrassing, it makes me want to hide under a pile of clothes.

12. Return it up, turn it up, turn it upppp

So I went to return items, check me out Lady responsible. Right!? I brought the things with me only to only return one(because it was unwearable), kept the rest and decided as I was there, to go on a shopping spree.

13. Airing out my laundry

I thought I was going to leave it at 10 but if were being honest, I could write a whole book on shopping, ahh. Maybe I will one day. I feel my honesty with this could help, So Its important, as are you. Before I knew much about climate change, I used to throw things in the washing basket that I hadn't worn next to things I had and needed cleaning because they couldn't fit in my drawers.... I just threw that in there but thats not what I was hoping to say for those needing to hear,

It was, that how the sparkly thought of future shopping again, leaving shops with a new pair of shoes in one hand and a costa coffee in the other, whilst the sun is shining on me, is one of many independent things that helped me get out of a emotionally abusive and scary relationship, my finances were being controlled. I would get shouted at if I spent £2 on my traditional magazines.

You deserve and should make the most of your situation, no matter what it is. Job, boss, benefits, single. Spoil yourself and others, donate. Save for that house or car or dream holiday whilst enjoying styling your curtains into a dress in the meantime.

As that's been me, there's been times I've been a boss and helping run companies. Times I've had no job because of health and was nervous to apply for benefits despite having serious health issues. (Still a boss b*tch though, still great shoes. ;) ) No I'm joking this is serious, So there you have it, some sisterhood honesty. But it's important, were important, our freedom is, me and you are. So make the most of it. Saving for your future like you believe in it.

And take it from a free and liberated women, that feeling of holding shopping bags and a costa coffee in the other with the sun shining, was worth leaving a unkind relationship for.

And just know, that you deserve the magic of finding yourself somebody that looks at you, the way I look at shoes.

A fabulous exit

So that's it. Part 1? Probably, I've got more shopping to do.. (For, you know... law of attraction and all that). But if you're still reading, I'm sure you're not surprised, I'm someone that says "if they have it in my size, its a spiritual sign but if not...they'll have it online!" And between us, I've already got more shopping stories since writing this.

No matter how my heart flutters for shopping, true happiness isn't about how much you have, it's about enjoying what you've got. Trust the girl that wears a dining cloth as a top. Feeling fabulous isn't about spending or having money, ever, feeling fabulous is about just deciding you are and acting accordingly. You my friend, are worth more than money could ever show.

I love you like I love shoes xoxo

I've been thinking of both donating and selling things that would look better on you. I guess this is turning out like the movie 'Confessions of a shopaholic' after all, I've made a Vinted, not uploaded anything yet (But I've got lots of lovely things in mind to) But if anyone's interested, Its elsieatlastxo

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