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Learning To Love the Length of me!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Finally learning to love the length of me and embracing and now even enhancing my height came accompanied with many stories, awkward back bent/Knee squat kisses and a whole new celebratory wardrobe of new high heels. But it was by far the most fulfilling thrilling realisation and self accepting moment. I noticed as soon as I was able to stop worrying about being taller than boys or comparing my "femininity" because of my height to other girls and wore what I wanted my experience at high school and of being tall completely changed. From being petrified about whether to even attend parties to then being the host of some pretty insane parties. (Not that this is something I should be proud of but my sweet 16 was even mentioned in three school assemblies to try prevent underage of the school I didn't know anyone at! Whaaaat that's your girl. I don't condone underage drinking with this random message and i'll save that story for another time.) No matter how crippling anxiety can be around your height, I promise it can get better. I wear heels almost every day now, even to the supermarket. Life's too short not to wear the shoes you want or stand proud. Wearing heels is symbolic to me, it reminds me of achieving what I thought was impossible; accepting something about my appearance. Reminds me that anything is possible and to keep pushing forward with my self love plan and one day hopefully accept alll of thisss. You can truly do anything with the right pair of heels or badass boss lady boots.

I don't mind being asked to reach for things.. in fact makes me feel like some kind of superhero. Nor being asked what the view is like up there because sometimes it makes me feel like I can view things in a different perspective. Being the one to reach over and unlock gates to help friend locked out. I'm excited to, you know I got you!

I do however get aalllll raalled up when I'm told "Oh are you sure you want to wear those, You don't need to wear heels your tall enough" Oh shes really tried it. I dress to express not to impress Ladyyy and we ain't all out here trying to find a man when we go out. Thank you for your honest opinion though we love a sister trying to help another. Sometimes a night with your girls and rocking some heels Is just what you need. And I sure as heaven know if anyone were out there searching for a bachelor. They'd want to wear something that made them confident and empowered. The man would be excited to see you dressed up all fancy and if he doesn't make you feel great with those extra 5 inches and without, is he deserving of you? If anything, there's something kind of sexy about respecting yourself and not needing validation from others.

Being the tallest girl in my classes, I wasn't the only one, there was another friend of mine in the year that was also receiving the banter of the birds eye view questions. Shout out to you girl! She also went on to have some gorgeous pairs of heels.

Although 5'11 Isn't that tall in comparison to the beautiful diverse heights we have in the world. The same empowering message implies whether you are 3'1 or 7'3. The same implies if like me, you are learning to accept your appearance. That moment for me showed It is possible! Your body is your friend and to be honest there's a moment where we can all what something each other has no matter how different. Growing up with severe insecurities around my appearance and I learnt to accept my height! What a achievement. What else can I learn to love about myself through a bit of positive fear facing and self compassion and maybe a bit of healthy retail therapy?!

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