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Does Butt Naked Yoga boost confidence?!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I tried naked yoga!

Arms stretched out proud, nipples to the Lord I say! And I can tell you this...What better way to self-celebration than try to desperately balance on one foot naked whilst avoiding knocking down the furniture around you. Feel the wind to your armpits as you glide. It's the most thrilling, fulfilling and darn right crazy way to self-excitement. I made a decision a while ago to make this self-acceptance journey as spontaneous and intriguing as I can. If the thought of doing the downward dog whilst butt naked makes you cringe as much it did me, then maybe you should try it too! If you do, maybe make a designated naked yoga area or it can lead to bruises on all kinds of places... but it's by far worth it. I'm trying to learn to be excited to be on this journey to celebrate what God gave me, making it silly and fun. I truly believe I deserve to discover that my body is my own friend.

I sure as heaven may not look graceful but after a few tries I can definitely say I kind of feel it... (my curtains are always closed so no one can tell me otherwise). Once I truly gave it a shot, I started to feel like a freak'n yoga professional or goddess (which you will also once you've learnt 2 yoga positions, the effects of this are rapid). I started to notice this motivation for self-care blossom in different areas of my life. My views have changed on naked yoga tremendously! If the thought of naked yoga made me feel like I want to hide before and now I love it, what else will I learn to love? It makes me excited and ready to try new things. Who knows, I may have hobbies I didn't even know existed! Self-care does take consistency but if you add a bit of excitement and spontaneity, it makes you making the decision to get better so much more motivating. I'm intrigued to see what crazy challenge I'll try next!

Taking this photo and setting the timer up was by far more awkward and scary to do... but considering I started to write this article months ago, I felt I needed to re challenge myself for the sake of this post and for anyone working hard on their journey. You go girl! And no I was not actually naked in this photo but I blooming might as well have.

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