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Helping Our Anxiety Around Corona

Do not fear a God that Loves you! -

Whilst the moon phase of Waning Cresent signifies the importance of rest, inner peace and humbling ourselves, as well as listening to authority for beneficial reasons, many animals and insects are sending us signs of healing during these times (I'll get more into those lovelies later). Song is being installed in people across the world singing from their windows. Feathers fall on your path representing angel guidance and healing and protection for past loved ones. The air pollution and CO2 levels have dropped dramatically some down to 35-50% these past days. We have been urged into an opportunity to spend more time with our families or those living with and rebuild relationships with ourselves and God. We were forced in a position of self discovery and self care and kind reflection. Sending my prayers and condolences to each person impacted by this virus. Lord is with you! My empathy and whole heart goes out to those that have been affected by the virus. God will make something beautiful out of this. That's his promise. We have been given responsibility for impacting ours and other lives and the environment, then we ask why humans can hold such an impact?. Some responsibility given is because he trusts and loves us all. Each of us. He knows as we were created with a capability to do wonderful things. Wonderful things for this planet. As we know, there may be some changes that need to be made globally to look after each other and our animals and celebrate this planet. Quarantine and taking social precautions and self care is important but not something that should be feared. Thank goodness, its clear action is being taken, everyone is working hard for each other. Hopefully society eventually back to normality but one that is more united, careful and kind.

Blessings During Today -

As you'll see blow, Its clear our angels are telling us to look after ourselves and each other, that certain things are in our control which is great and they'll look after the rest. They'll install strength and perseverance to those working hard to solve this. Signs from heaven that they are looking after each past loved one due from the virus which you'll see down below. They'll send song and guidance to those grieving. As shown in Italy, hope can be installed in the most unlikely of times, videos of them singing from windows has inspired me. That is the biggest gift and power of the holy spirit that is shared. The ability of calmness is a miracle to many of us that suffer anxiety alone. That calm feeling that can be installed by the holy spirit is a miracle in itself.

Thankful List;

  • NHS and health workers are working admirably hard to take care of those in need. Thankful for the lives that have been saved despite the difficult circumstance. Over 92,000 people were reported recovering earlier this month. We pray this increases once things become more manageable.

  • Thank goodness for the many scientists that are working tirelessly and racing to be the scientist to heal the world and find that breaking new research that can help save lives.

  • For the 4000+ nurses and 500 retired doctors that have signed up to assist the NHS since the outbreak

  • Whilst some may be stockpiling tissue, there are people that are gifting toilet paper, neighbours asking if you need anything.

  • Others taking time to create and sign petitions to help businesses and employees. Taking time to listen to one another and see if there's anything they can do to help.

  • The universe is sending us signs of positive change and healing also.

  • Having more time to dedicate and reassure ourselves with the holy spirit that has the best intentions for every person.

  • Many mortgages and rents postponed. Seeing we are cared for and many people are finding a way to increase this and politicians fighting hard each day for their good intentions to be heard, to help others to be able to find security during quarantine.

  • To every person taking precautions to get through this quicker as a global team. For those in quarantine and are being cautious and using hand sanitizer whilst shopping.

  • And thank goodness for people sharing hope through social media for the people at home. For the live stream concerts, game shows and videos helping people feel united.

For those cosmo girls;

Spiritual Signs From the Universe and Animals

Jesus bringing hope by shining through the clouds in Italy

Its no surprise to some that the person known for installing hope into those that are going through difficult circumstances, would appear to help others sing today. .Jesus is known throughout history, to be a maker of miracles. For him appearing brightly in the sky, helping those on earth know they are supported, loved and treasured. Shining so bright can see from both lives, maybe also helping guide others to heaven also.

Photo Credit; Alfredo Lo Brutto/Carter News

Deer's Visiting Japan's Streets

While yes they may be wondering searching for their human friends and their snacks. Deer's also spiritually represent regeneration, gentleness with strength and being able to move around obstacles that life has thrown in its path. How neat is that?

Photo Credits okadennis

Monkey's Visiting Thailand's Cities

During quarantine, Many of us would love to see monkeys out of our window and they may not just be using this time to adventure the streets. Spiritually monkeys are an totem to encourage finding purposeful playfulness and creativity. They appear in difficult times to help encourage people to discover a spark of life. As a totem they also help with bonding with one another and oneself.

Image Credit: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters

Horse Roaming Italy's Streets

Horses not only look magical because wow they do. They are spiritually known to signify giving strength when dealing with obstacles and assist discovering personal power. They represent your inner strength and encourage focusing on foundations of care, mental well being and health. So whilst the horse was wondering round the city, it may of been sending a few a message for self care and friendship.

Image Credits dopo-magari-lo-cambio

Boars Roaming Italy

As a spirit animal, boars represent abundance, courage and power in discovering your voice. They also encourage easing inner confrontation and any you may have in life by facing fears and challenges. To encourage others to come together, use their voice and to be honest when opening up to one another. Due to the Quarantine, being in a situation where we are able to concentrate on whats important and bond and rebuild relationships with those closest to us, it sounds just what some of us need right about now.

Image Credit: taylorswifh

Sheep's Exploring Italy

Not only are they adorable and are squad goals. Spiritually sheep's encourage finding peace knowing you are a child of God. With a strong connection to innocence and connecting to your inner child. Sheep's also encourage you to spend time with those you love.

Image Credits: bi-until-theday-idie

Locusts in Africa and Middle East

Whilst the swarm of locusts has been quite scary and destructive for many. They are a guidance totem, one that sends warning for illness. Something they were trying to help others take action on. Not only that, in biblical terms they are known to help guide a nation. That something needs to be improved, that maybe something is not being done right. Despite heartbreaking destruction, I believe this has drawn a light onto how urgent it is to help those around us. Especially those affected by this. But there are things we can do to help. Please if you can and would like to share a donation, please do so using this link, or share the link even. Your donation is so powerful. Your prayers are powerful. For those experiencing this we will do what we can because you are so worth it. Your life is worth it. You are amazing.

Image Credits: Ben Curtis/AP

Calming Anxiety Because You Deserve to Feel Rest

Your Voice Matters and Feeling Heard is So Important.

Keep in contact with others regularly, this is something we can do; For ourselves and for others. See it's the little things with phone calls that are just lovely. Your voice is so important. Laughing with a friend or discussing a movie or program, taking time to have reassurance from others, to reassure them also. Trusting yourself that is okay to reach out, helping you feel heard is so important. Face time, regular texts, comments and messages online, these are all in your control. Your presence is such a blessing.

You Want to Read Articles That Have the Best Intentions for You.

Choosing the articles you read or watch and the amount of time we do, is something that we have control of. Educating ourselves is important so we can learn how we can help, any updates on our current situation and who and what to prayer for. But perception is a powerful thing that you deserve peace on. You can sometimes tell from the title of an article what kind of intentions they have, whether it is to educate or exploit. If is to exploit, they may not word things in a way that's helpful for the viewer or reader like you deserve. Despite how scary reality can be, they may deliberately use fear to attract a larger audience. If is to educate then you are more likely to get the useful information that you are looking for.

Being Here, Present is Enough.

We have been given an opportunity to just be. This gift of life is enough, as are you. Using the time we have now to hear yourself and pay attention to other areas of your life. Discovering things in your home and enjoy what we have around us and experience self growth and develop new hobbies and interests. Developing your cookery skills or starting an artistic project. But most of all, learning that you being here and experiencing this gift of life is enough. You are enough. To celebrate the little things in life, you deserve that.

Fun Forms of Exercise

Whether its dancing, learning yoga or doing home workout videos, Zumba on the Wii even. Releasing endorphins is so important. If gym is your go to, do not worry, this can be an opportunity to discover different forms of exercise you may never of tried. Its just about learning to be more creative with our exercise routine. YouTube have many uplifting instructors, my favourite being Fitness with Marshall. Discovering Thai Chi or Pilates. There are many fitness apps you can join if you want to feel like your own personal trainer from home. Because You are boss of your universe, you can achieve anything.

Mindful Moments, Meditation, Prayer, Listening to Your Higher Self.

Learning meditation or yoga. Spending time in writing in your diary, writing a gratitude and thankful list is so important. Taking time to process our thoughts, understand ourselves and why we feel the way we do. So we can be kinder to ourselves and give ourselves what we need and deserve to get through this.

Steering Away from Caffeine and Exploring New Hot Drinks.

Having more time, you may be tempted to walk to the kettle more often than ever, but maybe try a caffeine free option or green or lemon tea. There are so many delicious options to try, and hopefully this urges you to discover your new favourite hot drink. Caffeine is a high stimulant and because of that, it can increase symptoms of anxiety. However if you find that warm feeling of sipping a hot drink calming then there are so many you can try.

So What Now? How Do We Rest in the Meantime?

Working with the moon that is working with you to find beneficial rest, that is something in our control. Despite whatever's going on, you being able to find peace is important. Your life is important. Your mental health recovery and journey is important. Here are a few things to hopefully help some of you feel inspired and occupied. There are many areas of your life that you may be able to attend that you wasn't able to before. Making the best of what we can is important. You deserve that. For those needing mental rest, there are hopefully a couple things on this list that can find you peace and keep your brain stimulated but as calm as possible during this difficult time. Taking this time to look after your mental health is important and celebrated in every circumstance. Please reach out to others if anxiety is getting too much, you deserve that relief of feeling heard and understood, distracted even. Using face time, phone calls, text, comment online and stay as social as possible because your voice matters, staying united matters.

Mindful things we can do during Quarantine

  • Spring Clean

  • Baking Things you've never baked before

  • Organising your email folder and computer documents

  • Writing a diary

  • Painting (arts and crafts in general)

  • Make a fort and grab those fairy lights

  • Photography

  • Watering indoor plants

  • Indoor picnic

  • Movie marathon and popcorn night

  • Decorating home or Rearranging furniture

  • Home spa and pamper

  • Home workout videos - or take up yoga or Thai Chi using YouTube?

  • Pick up that novel you've wanted to read

  • If you like, learn a new language for free on the app Duolingo

  • Candle lit baths

  • Music - home worship or listening to your favourite song.

  • Writing and making music

  • De-cluttering and Reorganising home

  • Board game evening, or play an old video game, cards or chess.

  • Magazine quizzes or horoscopes

  • For those gamers, invest in a new xbox game or download a free one to try

  • Face timing people whilst both watching a program live (Face timing in general)

  • Karaoke with family

  • Learning to play an instrument

  • Painting nails

  • Learn to do different hairstyles or fun braids

  • Learn that dance move you've wanted to try (The worm, twerk maybe?)

  • Look through old photo albums or family photos.

  • Create a collage or dream board.

So there you have it, the whole of heaven has your back, the moon working with you to help find rest during this time. Animals sending guidance or wisdom and amazing people hosting game show evenings from live streams to boost moral. Many people are taking the time to learn how they can help others, so on that note please speak up. Your voice is so powerful. Taking care of yourself and your life. Taking time for self growth is celebrated always. Please take care of yourself. You are so worth it! Taking precaution's seriously doesn't mean we need to live and act in fear. You do not deserve that. Know this is not permanent. You are loved and worthy of his love. You my friend, are a prince or princess of the highest power.

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