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Facing Fears at Fashion Week

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

This is it ladies and gentlemen. I've done it. I went, I concurred. I sat in those seats feeling like a rockstar. I’ve dreamt of attending fashion week in each city since I was little and I’m so grateful to experience something that fuels such a burning excitement through my body, true goosebumps, huge smiles and sassy poses.

Coming this far and being able to start crossing them off my list with the iconic London Fashion Week. I’ve never felt so empowered and truly limitless myself than when I was at London Fashion Week. The kindest strangers taking photos of me posing outrageously- who would of thought it-Me! As well as making new friends, I was able to explore without fear of getting lost. Talk with less worry about people hearing. With so many inspiring designers in the fashion exhibit taking time to discuss their work with me, and a lovely woman letting me try on super expensive jewellery celebrities wear even though I didn't have the money in me bank. Entrepreneurs all changing the world. Feeling so proud of the designers sharing their passions and stories with the world. Exciting feeling that there was so definitely a place for my ideas and excited for people to see them.

As much as I’d always imagined going with all my girls and enjoying the show as a soul sister squad; they say everything happens for a reason and I was able to experience it and myself in a new challenging way. In the end for my first time, I was so grateful I got to spend this symbolic day as a date with myself and God and I learnt how to actually really enjoy my own company whilst in public. After everything I wouldn’t of believed I was finally at fashion week London and by myself?! Talking to designers, entrepreneurs and meeting new people?!

Also, At the fashion talk with Henry Holland (yes Henry Holland bi**h!) after the show they gave us the opportunity to ask him questions. Hearing their story and view on using music, time and creating a personality through clothes to create an experience was so relateable. I had so many questions I wanted to ask so I was the first to raise my hand within the large crowd.  Me!?

I had the uncontrollable heart pounding heart beat trying to break out my chest. Especially standing up in front of so many turning heads whilst I prepared to gather a sentence to this inspiring specimen. And your girl did! I got through each anxious symptom and she nailed it! They loved the question and we had a nice convo about mood swings and personalities through clothes, whether he wears clothes to remind him or others who he is or to feel like someone different.

I am so proud that I face these challenges and use my voice- telling myself I’m worth it. Great things happen when you don’t give up on the challenging things or goals in life. I had absolutely indescribable day, better than I possibly could of imagined and I’d imagine it a lot. And I do owe a lot to all loving God, my family for such a life changing gift, friends and sister for encouraging me to be my extra and boss self, strangers for embracing my excitement with such kindness and taking these crazy photos of me, my Christian family for being a wonderful foundation for me and to myself for continuously sticking to my recovery plan no matter how many set backs because I have experienced wonderful things because of it. So thank you Elsie!

Stepping through the huge opening doors you enter where you hand in your tickets and you bet accepted the option for a complimentary healthy cake bar(everything being a souvenir to a very excited me). With a huge screen on the right playing highlights of fashion shows and fierce runway models wearing the bossiest outfits by iconic designers. The atmosphere was insane.

Then walking down a suspense building spiral staircase where you can only fee. Received our free drink which was an option of hot drink of your choice or or a ginger beer and rum drink with a dash of cucumber. Led to what would be those dream seats. The build up was indescribable. Videos of iconic runway shows and fashion and hairstyles throughout the years. Me and the incredibly dressed woman next to me became great friends and i must admit the buildup had me a little bit trying to emotionally suck down a lump in my throat and hold back my claps and yesss's. House of Holland opened the show with some disco boss and angelic but moody looks. Showing a beautiful diverse ethnicity in models. Intense colourful lights above the whole runway- goosebumps everywhere. Then Self- portrait with some stunning business looks you could leave the office and then go strait to girls night out in. Stunning pieces that me and my new friend were picking out for each other. The staff welcoming and feeling fancy with me free drink, Nivia deodorants, a tote bag at the talk after and the best souvenir, Magazines.

Then to walk around an exhibit where I saw looks id seen on runways and the mannequins feeling as tall as my favourite scrapers. I found some new favourites with beautiful messages and powerful ideas. Another exhibit and room with the chance to actually meet designers and discuss their work.

Then many rooms filled with life changing Entrepreneurs and designers creating beautiful deigns all sustainable fashion. There is so many things I could say about the talent I saw, so i wrote an article of my favourite designers from this London fashion week- Check it out!

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