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Learning to laugh! Sharing my secrets on the internet...

There’s some funny stories I may never be able to share online... However, I promised to be honest so as promised, here are some of the most embarrassing things I’ve done whilst learning to love or flirt. Its so important to laugh and move on from embarrassment. Seems I've always been a magnet for awkward or embarrassing stories. So over time and thanks to my family, I learnt the best stories are the embarrassing and so it's okay that we experience it. Its fun to laugh but turns out more enjoyable to see someone laugh with you. So with that said, here are some of my embarrassing stories. Since finding God, one of the most important things he has reminded me of is to laugh. Boy am I grateful for that and all he has given me.

"Then our mouths were filled with laughter; our tongues sang for joy. then it was said among the nations, "The Lord had done great things for them."

#1 Never let your feelings for a man stop you from looking where you’re going.

When 8 stealing a boys football to have romantic commercial Christmas scene tug of war with him doesn’t always work. Turns out he may want to play football and when you run away with it looking back at him with loving eyes, and run straight into a thick branch knocking you flying to the ground.. he may grab the football and run off rather than helping you up. Leaving you lying staring at the clouds and sky in despair. As you turn your head you watch the shoes of the crush and love of your young life run away. Truth be told, I felt like a tw*t.

Needless to say, I learned a lot from that so I am so grateful to have this experience to laugh at. Not sure what but if someone doesn’t help you up nor laugh with you whilst you're down they are not the one to run around for. And not worth making yourself look silly over. Most importantly, never let your feelings for someone stop you from looking where you’re going.

# 2 Plan when surprising your man.

Arriving to my current boyfriends in a big long tie coat with just lingerie underneath for a romantic evening didn’t quite turn out as I fantasied.

Of course me wanting to make it a surprise he felt no need to tell me he had a whole bunch more of his family round that day as well as friends. Of course why would he need to, turning up with no clothes wasn’t the regular and we always enjoy their company.

When arrived Instead of being able to walk straight to his room,they were all hanging out in his brother's room by the front door. They all politely insisted on a seat for me and not wanting to seem suspicious, I accepted awkwardly like a confused robot and sat there bright red clinging to my coat. Beyoncé in her video done it great. But of course when I try it ends up being sat around loved ones feeling like we’re about to sing Kumbaya. I tried everything to get my man alone to lend me something to wear. Trying to send him SOS signals from across the room that he was just not clicking onto. Usually he's the best for this but not this one time. I sat there trying to zap information from my brain to his. “Your girl is nooottt dresseeddd, neeeed clootheesss” I even got real spiritual, Lord please tell my man I need help, I’m sorry for putting myself in this position.

Each time I was going to escape to the toilet a conversation was brought up. My anxiety convincing myself they’d suspect my lies of needing a wee or when I’d stand up, a peep of my stocking would show. Finally, I felt it was my chance to “go to the loo” considering we moved this gathering upstairs 😂 perfect opportunity to ask my man if I could borrow some of his “much warmer clothes” and got changed. Came out looking like Vicky Pollard. Wearing a baggy saggy in the crotch tracksuit. Not the surprise I wanted for him.

Honestly, I don’t know what the lesson here is. But you’re welcome.

Plan your surprise or at least check before you leave that you’re man's house isn’t like thanksgiving before you turn up like a hooch. I wish I could say that was my first attempt or embarrassing story with lingerie but unfortunately it isn't. My lips are sealed. Until too many Cosmos that probably is...

#3 I didn’t know we were meant to be sexy. So I dressed like a hotdog. I won a gift voucher though.

One of my best friends growing up had an amazing fancy dress party and being 12, my idea of an award winning costume was a giant ketchup covered wiener in a bun. I spent ages in that costume shop, I could of picked anything. But I thought the one that would really impress, really win that voucher would be the giant hot dog costume. I really got into character and painted my face with my mums much darker foundation to wiener up the face hole. The worst part is I don’t even remember how I got to this party..Its concerning thinking I probably walked there considering she doesn't live far. I arrived to this hihappening party, they weren't there for my big entrance. So I hung out with her mum and auntie who LOVED the costume. Got me real hyped, couldn't wait for the girls to get back to show them. When they arrived back from the shops in a tiny fluorescent tu tu, strap top and neon bras showing, I was there ironically eating cocktail sausages (pre vegetarian me) I saw I was the only one looking like a dam sausage. The girls looked so great so of corse they wanted to flirt with boys, although I think dragging a hot dog out with them may of been less than discrete, a bit distracting.

So we all tried tried to make my mum’s dark foundation smothered around my face look somewhat normal. It didn't work, I looked like a sausage and I felt like one. I didn't find me a boyfriend.

But what I learned in that moment was, I had a great time being a hot dog, putting on the hot dog costume and for once trying not to worry about the way I look. I was focused on having a laugh. Boy did we laugh. If you aren't looking for a man which I wasn't at the time, then don't feel pressure to please them. Enjoy life, laugh and enjoy any moment you feel like a hotdog. Trust me, when you find that person, they’ll laugh with you and sure be excited to find out what sexy you have under there. Also, not taking things too seriously, may win you a gift voucher.

So there you go, just some of my embarrassing stories, I hope it encourages you to laugh and share your own. You must learn to allow embarrassment to help you grow in a space of limitless laughter and not restriction. Lets face it, we all have had our share of embarrassment.

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