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Discovering Your Personal Journey To God

Whether its found from staring at the sky. A palm reading that shows your gifts and strengths were crafted before you were in the womb. Hearing someone pray and you feel it too. Whether it's the butterflies you see after losing a loved one. If you see a picture of an ultrasound and it convinced you there are angels. Whether it’s through the astrology section on a magazine or a tarot reading with the best advice. Opening a page of the bible and it standing out to you and feeling an unexplained lift off your shoulders. That inner voice that keeps you moving. Discovering God through science even. It is so important to discover what your personal journey to faith is because everything links back to God and his love.

The same God that created each star In the universe knew he needed us. He created us all unique so it only makes sense for there to be different loving ways and loving religions to discover him. So it's important to seek a personal approach. For me personally I needed wonderful Christians listing unknown details and positive wisdom about myself to realise where gut feelings come from(as well as a whole load of past supernatural experiences and miracles after). I’m also happy to say I believe Jesus, Buddah, and preachers of love’s purpose was to help introduce people to the same God.

I’m lucky to say I’d still feel the same welcoming spirit in different loving religious churches or temples although I feel truly blessed and grateful to of found the one I have. In my experience, God is all accepting, encouraging, loving, humorous, guiding and sometimes I imagine sounds like Morgan Freeman. The most important thing is that you know God created you and loves you how you are. Once you know that, nothing can be perceived otherwise. That's why its important to find your personal faith first. You don't need to change who you are to feel God’s love. God is all loving. Me personally, I do not believe God “punishes” he’s too busy planting seeds for a better future. I do yes believe negative forces exist. But whats that to compare. There’s no comparison when you have the highest powers with the ability to create miracles looking out for you. Positive and negative energy. It’s about what we allow to continue to bring in to our future and about how many times we stand up. Even by making the steps to get better is telling yourself your worth it and that’s a great instant start of inviting positive energy wise. Every time God tells me to do something and listen something magnificent happens. I gain strength within myself and others,meet someone that says something impacting, have doors open, miracles happen.

I do not feel the need to fear a God that loves me. When I was younger I used to think "Amen" Meant "ayy men" so i'd say "Ayy men and women" you know..power to Aaalll the people! Now I know amen is an agreement cheer, me and God still have this inside joke.. I look up and like "ayy men and womenn". My point is he knows you and the pure intentions you have, he's a friend and has a sense of humour. I feel the need to do as much as I can whilst here to prove I am grateful.

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