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Burlesque, I bloody did it!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I'm writing this with a feather bower around my neck giving myself a 'you can do it' peptalk, as I wait for my favourites, my sister and best friend to put our brave panties on and hit the road. We're doing this! Shortly we'll be grabbing a feather bower to get our sexy on with a bunch of empowering strangers? Take that anxiety. *Shimmy Shimmy*

I'm definitely not shy when it comes to lingerie and feather bowers in the bedroom... It's not as sexy as it sounds, the man I'm usually seducing is just my pillow, AND GOD FORBID ANYONE ACTUALLY CAUGHT ME DOING IT! But today, were facing fears with feathers and bringing our nervous sexiness outside. I've always loved burlesque. Truth be told, my most confident self in my daydreams is dancing in diamonds and pearls as we speak. I can't help but wonder, if one day, I'll step out of my head and shake my ass on stage. Like my therapist said, take one high kick at a time. So that's what today is, one big high kick.

And it's showtime! There's a beep outside, the girls have arrived. Wish me luck!

Okay I'm back. Grab your glass of wine as I tell you everything. P.s I LOVED IT.

Stepping out, dressed confusing with heels and workout gear. All pumped and ready to kick a leg, looking for any sign of feathers, sassy confidence and a room filled with fierce independent women. Passing a literal biker gang on our way. A biker gang! Like a scene from Coyote Ugly. I couldn't help but wonder, were the leather dressed and pierced men our unspoken bodyguards? Or was the cute muscled tanned tattooed one single? ...I'm joking, kind of. We were so excited though. More so when we saw the text that some of the dancers were meeting for warm up drinks in the bar before the class starts. THANK GOD. Shaking my ass in public is always easier with a cocktail. I maybe should have squeezed just one more drink in before it was showtime but boy we didn't need to.

The atmosphere dancing in that room was enough to make you feel drunk alone! Walking in, you're hit with radiant beam of feminine giggling energy. You know, that welcomed feeling you get when you're becoming best friends in a club bathroom with girls you've just met. Gorgeous women all different ages, shapes, heights and sizes. I couldn't help but notice they all had one thing in common, this confidence. Even those that seemed 'shy' seemed to radiate it. Feeling like we could all create our own girl band.

Music started and we began with a slow saucy step forward step together strut to classics like Etta James whilst hip shaking round in a circle. Slide forward your foot and up goes your knee and your self-confidence. If it was possible to be awkward and excited at the same time, I'd say I nailed that emotion.

Our teacher Emma then suggested getting the props out... Yes, this was it. The moment. F*ing fabulous. Were here, we made it. We all grabbed a feather bower instantly and enthusiastically but tried to play it off classy calm and like adults... we all then started sliding the bower across our shoulders whilst shaking what God gave us. No hesitation, just pure self-celebration.

One woman passing me with this brilliant laugh whilst swirling a feather bower in circles strutting past me knees high and with excellent self-pride. It was truly iconic and inspiring.

Each woman with their individual story on how Burlesque has helped them, and I tell you, it shows. It was contagious. I felt it too, it was impossible not to. A beautiful glow on each woman radiated in the room and at last, the expectations of men dropped, and I could enjoy all what being a woman has to offer. It was truly a great demonstration of how possible self-celebration is and how girl power is still very much alive.

My verdict is...The world belongs to us. Life is one big cabaret. Life is far too precious to carry your mattress on your back forever, see the world, and bring your sexiness with you, leave your pillow behind and in spontaneous ways, put yourself out there. Don't ever let any man or like me, body dysmorphia convince you that the world doesn't belong to you. No matter how you look, you can have it all. From dancing to cabaret and showtunes in my bedroom, to dancing and laughing in a room full of strangers was definitely an incredible experience. Working on a project so close to my heart, it only made sense to have two of the most important women with me. (And not to mention, they've already witnessed some of my most embarrassing moments). I'm one hip bump closer to becoming that girl I mentioned in my daydreams. But right now, I'm admiring the one sitting here right now talking to you. Shes learned how to make her platform heels feel like a stage. Until my next challenge. Know, I love you like I love showtunes. xoxo

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