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Cosy Evening In - Tips That Work!

Indulge in your minds dreamiest fantasies, here we encourage you to listen to your dreams, encourage you dive into a world of self care, encourage you to write that list.

So on that note, slide into your favourite pj's and into a place of reassurance, understanding and encourage yourself because truth be told, you are the validation you need and you yes you are the only one that can develop your vision. I've tried to add a few ideas and feel good hacks to your evening that may surprise you and once you hear, you'll be booking a reservation for yourself quicker than you can get to Channin Tatum if he were at your closest supermarket.

A cosy night in, is a hug in itself and often needed (and all we can do at the moment), why not add things that make this journey of self acceptance that you're on that more intriguing.

These tips are dedicated to helping you listen to yourself and by doing this, sparking self care with spontaneous choice with your every day routines. And it sparks a wondrous feeling. A feeling of all things possible. A spaceship was created in the 60's, KFC created by a man of 65, multi billion business Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup brand created self made. Building your empire or achieving your dreams is far from impossible. No matter what anyone says, they are not the one with your vision.

So lets Romanticise with ourselves, spend an evening for us, sip our favourite drink, create and bake something we've have never made before and let our taste buds explode. If wearing your favourite fluffy socks, candles and watching a cosy movie is your ideal evening in. Then this is for you, you deserve to feel excited about making your self care journey as inviting and welcoming as possible.

So get comfortable and get ready, because here comes the start of something fabulous.

Feel Great Hack Numero Uno - Surprise Shopping!

What better way to remind yourself you have an inner great friend rooting for you throughout the month than surprise shopping? This is my favourite! I knew I needed to share with you. Because it genuinely helps.

Rules are simple, Order, try your best not to check the item or delivery dates when checking the email updates after the confirmation ones (hiding the delivery date with your hand) and be surprised and excited when they arrive. Preparing little presents to arrive throughout the month with different delivery dates to still surprise yourself, is a great pick you up. If one happens to arrive when you're having the worst day, its the perfect reminder from your inner friend that shes there, rooting for you. And trust me, the rest of your cosy evening you will feel fabulous as you know you have that journal or nail polish and hair mask coming your way or to the people you love. And I promise you don't need to spend much when doing this, even the little things can remind and surprise you.

Feel Great Hack Numero Dos -

Spa Bath - Its kind of exciting taking a moment to see how you can introduce new spontaneous ways to make your bath time like your at a 5* spa with the treasure of it being just you, so drop that towel for yourself with determination. For you are a godess. Whatever taking a slide back to think what your desired bath means to you. Whether its cucumber for your eyes, lighting incenses or candles, investing in a towel robe or bath tray, that self care book you've had stored away. Box of chocolates. Or home made canapes (or vegetarian chicken nuggets and a cosmo as were being real here). I once even tried snorkels. Its Your bath, your rules. Spicing it up and taking that moment to step back and think, how can I make this an event for myself, what do I like, whats my way today? Making it adventure for yourself, makes it that more special.

List Tips and "Ticks"


I love lists, cant stop. Sometimes I'm sure I write lists to feel productive from the comfort of my bed, but it feels so great writing them. I could write a whole article for you list lovers. All about journal hacks, compassionate therapy tips and lists, Organising and realignment of our thoughts, using a pen and paper to look after our sanity. Its going to be a fun challenge for me to narrow that down in one because there's so many things in this area that help but I'll try my best to fit enough in for you to be excited to get started and get you list lovers starting a new spark to self care!

Feel Great Hack Numero Tres

To Do list feel great hack -

The one thing on your list that you want done but put off doing the most, plan to do that first.

Trust me on this, you'll have this incredible feeling of self care that evening knowing you're getting to that next, it sparks an all things possible. Some of us cant focus a whole day around our desired dos and honestly you don't need to feel on top ladies. I PROMISE YOU doing the one thing on your list that you really want done but put off doing the most, first. Knowing you are tackling that despite any dread you'll be excited you're finally getting to an area of your life you want, it sparks a sense of all things possible. And all things are possible when you listen yourself.

Feel Great Hack Numero Cuatro

Writing a list of things you have in common with yourself-

Sounds crazy but yes write what you have in common with yourself. Whether its your favourite series, musician or animal. A intimate way to remind yourself, you like what you like and that's one wonderful step to liking and loving you.

Feel Great Hack Numero Cinqo

Gratitude/ Thankful List -

Reminding yourself of the reasons why its great to be you. Because there are many, even when It feels hard to see, there's truly no life or person like you and that's something worth celebrating. Sharing that intimate positive moment with yourself. Writing a thankful list is such a simple but powerful cosy hack. Whether its the sound of autumn leaves or the sound of rain, summer, a pair of pyjamas, whatever you're thankful for, I am.

Feel Great Hack Numero Sies

Listening to your higher self -

Listen to yourself, empower your voice. Organising those thoughts List-

Writing a list of areas you would like to feel more stability, then responding to that as your inner friend, hyping her up.

Example - Worry feeling- "I worry about time but desperately feel I need rest"

Inner friend- "I hear you, please know time is a number, you're capable of powerful things. You owe it to yourself to rest, take the time you need and prepare. When you've had that rest,you'll rise back up because you've had that time to rest, prepare and find clarity that you deserve."

If there is one tip I advise the most, is compassionate therapy (and to pray of course). It is a true light bulb moment and I only learned techniques for this years after therapy, years of chatting my life away to strangers until then. It was the game changer. The most life changing. Once learning compassionate therapy honestly my whole attitude toward self care changed and sparked an excitement in me. I hope I can excite you to do the same.

Feel Great Hack Numero Siete

Doing your false nails at home.

I know i'm not the only one missing my nail lady and be rushing to book an appointment once this pandemics over. If you in the meantime, are too excited and eager to be tapping fresh acrylic or falsies on a surface and swirling your fingers closed, smiling when you push open a door and look at your nails, then this is for you. You are an artist! Not only will you feel like a professional but benefit from how therapeutic it feels doing your own false nails, filing them to the shape you like. Taking that time to watch a movie and invest into some you time. Its incredible for that little escape or distraction you need and helps calm anxiety.

Feel Great Hack Numero Ocho

Making a tradition with yourself.

Having your personal staple, something you celebrate with yourself and can carry with you. And trust me the opportunities for this are endless, there are many traditions you can have with yourself now and in the future, they are limitless. Having and creating traditions with yourself are so sacred and can truly make you feel at home anywhere. Whether its during the holidays, your cosy evenings, weekends whatever your tradition is or will be, sounds brilliant. Thank you to my Nan that without knowing installed my tradition in me, magazines and sweets being mine. Of course back then it was the ones with the earring stickers and spot the difference. But growing up I imagined in my adulthood living like a bratz doll and carrying this tradition to every fashion capital I attend. Honestly carrying this tradition through and over a decade later, not much has changed there. A gossip and fashion magazine of my choice and my favourite sweets never fails to remind me the importance of listening and believing in myself. To treasure this life we've been given.

Feel Great Hack Numero Nueve

Making a wish every time you light a candle around your room.

Why not take one of the cosiest moments of a evening in and make that a little secret moment with your inner friend. Especially if you believe in law of attraction also. When lighting your aroma therapy candles around the room make a wish. Enjoy that intimate moment with you and your inner friend. Then thank the wish and safe journey on its way to heaven when blowing it out. Call me crazy but there's something special about those moments with yourself.

Feel Great Hack Numero Diez

Be Your own Bachelor - Cinema at home -

Be your own bachelor and set up your idea evening, make your date evening with yourself exactly how you'd like and dream. Because you can and is in your control.

I remember when I first had the idea and started making dates for myself, it was like a light bulb went off in my head, Eurica! And now even years of date nights with myself both in relationships and single, it still never fails to amaze me. Taking a moment for you to remind yourself of the power of self love, see how you'd like to make it a little more special for yourself. Have a secret intimate moment with yourself, created exactly how you like. Whether its setting up a picnic blanket with your favourite snacks, bringing a projector and lights into your garden, cushions, getting pampered and cream your skin to feel like liqueur when you slide into your pj's. Lighting candles or getting yourself a bouquet to arrange. And trust me a world being a detailed place, there are many that can surprise you, if the person you genuinely feel compatible with, happens to not have a clue about fairy lights and both of your love language is playing a game of charades, then you've got it covered and will love him for his full glory.

Hope by this time you reading this from somewhere comfortable and letting the blanket or duvet hug around you. Feel the excitement for all things possible. Be excited about making your self love journey today and starting right this second. You have everything you need within you that's rather exciting don't you think. Have the best cosy evening and feel freakin fabulous because wow, you are. I know some things feel like they take time, but your journey is so worth it, you are. I wish I could click my fingers and wish everyone felt confident instantly. Turns out, there's such incredible power in building that and discovering that inner friend, choosing to let her make decisions from now on. What she hopes to do is, with all the courage in me to click publish and hopefully help give you the tools to embrace and invite that journey of listening to your inner friend. To not only say love yourself but give you exciting tips to get there, things that have helped me so far. I sure as heaven haven't learned it all, but I hope by sharing what I have, excites you to do so also. To give yourself the life you owe to yourself, start being your best friend, start seeing the world from the eyes of I can do this and hug yourself when things feel sh*t. To be able to move forward after that continuously. For you to say, I can, and I will when I commit truly to being kind and understanding myself and learning to love myself on purpose. Because you my friend, are worth celebrating and worth the adventure.

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