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Visiting my childhood favourite places

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Were all children really. I mean on the surface, were these afraid adults, but deep-down we just want to go to a waterpark. Growing up, we have no lifeguard telling us it's a green light and to slide down the flume. We just have to go, take the risk, feeling like we could crash into someone at any moment. I like to think I know what I'm doing, but really, I'm just a kid with a bank account and great shoes. I can't help but notice, we spend so much time trying to keep the life we have, rather than enjoying it. Without pausing to enjoy the journey. Or to realise, we still have time to start a marching band or join a circus if we really wanted to. Thats what today's article is about.

Revisiting some of your favourite childhood places are one of the best ways to remind yourself of what was important to you then. How you can help your younger self feel heard. Learn from that young person that had such amazing expectations for now you. Pay attention to those childhood dreams and do that child a favour, she deserves it, and may know best about treating life like a waterpark. Or in today's article, a Themepark.

First place I think of with this challenge (other than climbing trees as I truly thought I was a monkey or female spiderman when younger) Is Legoland. Eurica, its perfect. And who better to go with then my best friend, my dad.

The childlike adventurous atmosphere is contagious. With happy characters and themes round each corner your imagination is limitless. From pirates to fairy tale boat rides and the wondrous animals of sea world. That girl you remember being, she isn't as far away from you as you think she was. Being an adult, you forget to give yourself times to be a child.

At LEGOLAND, we got to see my favourite animals, sharks! Yes, my favourite animals are sharks, I find them fascinating! They were gracefully gliding past us in the submarine ride. You feel safe and entertained in this moving sub whilst being described the beautiful animals and different fish you were seeing.

As well as feeling like India Jones during the Laser rides in a temple cave whilst shooting lights around the moving ride.

Exploring the miniature Lego town and seeing how much detail they'd made, and things id recognised from these places' id been in London, amazing and uncanny. I even got to explore my Dream city in Lego form... New York! It gave me goosebumps and felt truly inspired and my unstoppable idea brain went on overload. One day younger child, one day! And don't forget exploring mini-LA (More specifically Hollywood) it was a beautiful experience and hopefully great law of attraction ;)

Walking around the park there was mouth-watering surprise scents of candyfloss and chocolate. With delicious food options and Mocha coffees (Which I spilt ALL over my new green dress and gracefully ran to the toilet to scrub it off. Huge thanks to the hand dryers and the really lovely lady passing me tissues and my unstainable mocha because my dress turned out dry and fly.)

With train rides to take you round the park with a hilarious constructor and commentator that gave us a tour through the park. The train stop situated right next to a stunning old school carousel. I couldn't help but wonder, will I have a carousel in my own back garden one day? Like little me dreamed.

You can learn a lot from children. I learned a lot about pausing to spill the coffee. How to stop taking things so seriously and splash in puddles. We learnt some of the most important life qualities when we were young. Learning, exploring, imagining, being creative, being friendly, being silly, being appreciative of the simplest things like bugs. I challenge you to try revisit your inner child and revisit somewhere you loved when you were young. See what you learn when you do, it may surprise you.

Seeing my dads reaction to the exciting new characters coming around the corner is a great example of how incredible and important it is to connect to your inner child.

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