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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

"If only I had millions, i'd be broke". With so many stunning runway looks, pop up shops, designer jewellery and incredible fashion pieces from the exhibitions my shopping fingers were going crazy. Feeling like a kid in a candy shop with no pocket money.

There's some incredible movements towards a planet kind world. With so many designers creating revolutionary ways for substantial fashion. Using their passion to find ways we can stop disposing of beautiful instruments for creation and start using waste as a way to inspire. .

The Graduate Fashion Week scheme this year was outstanding, a couple of the work that impacted me the most this year from the whole of fashion week were from the Graduate scheme. Hearing their exciting stories of how they got ‘The call’ was thrilling. I’m excited for what the future has to hold within the industry inspiring so many new designers.

Mariah Esa -

Tackling the waste in the fast fashion industry, Mariah Esa used 20,000 garment labels to create four captivating upcycled looks. Combining each individual label to create a whole new pattern and design is outstanding. To see these incredible designs from afar and watching the detail expose itself as you walk towards these pieces. With each individual label I could stare at them for hours. It’s no surprise that world renowned designer Vivian Westwood praised her for her work. Well done girl you deserve it!

Janislav Solovjoc -

Demonstrating a true pure purpose to share his beautiful visions with others. Sharing with us a beautiful collection and celebration of Estonian heritage, creating a world and experience with his designs. A colour palette Inspired by 19th century Estonian heteroge postcards. Using his digital pattern cutting as a way transferring his designs. Showing the evolution of fashion as the digital world today can help reduce wastage of fabrics. Speaking to Janislav you can see the passion he has an artist and visionary.

Sally Mankee

Incorporating her love for the bygone era you were able to imagine stepping through time. With an eye dancing tea party pop colour scheme and endearing characters she created it was impossible not to smile. Her impeccable transfers on recycled materials demonstrating how beautiful substational fashion can be.

Hannah Stote

Exploring Hanna's collection you excitingly reach to feel the texture of these beautiful pieces. Irresistible woolen texture and colour pallet to match the cosy aesthetic. Made from 100% recycled wool from second hand shops and UK spinning mills, Hanna's knitwear collection is inspiring. Creating garments with the intention to be once again, unravelled and re-knitted to a create another beautiful new garment.

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