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Business Conferences, Networking and New Friends

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Bently's, chandeliers and big fancy plants. This was it. Going to walk in there. Gotta do it. I think this is kind of exciting. Finally, my first business conference.

I often tell myself during these challenges “it’s just business” because it reminds me in order to be able to help others with my ideas, I must be fearless and limitless to create and chase them. So, I "it's just business"-ed my way on the train and to London by myself and boy I'm glad I did.

Walking through these giant gold and glass double doors to a gorgeous room filled with this huge positive energy. Everyone there ready to use their power and are creating their entrepreneurship path. This was different than any room I had walked into.

For me, the importance of surrounding myself with people with motivational mindsets, was everything. My challenge being there by myself was to network, learn and honestly, fear face. I needed to surround myself with dreamers, to see myself in a city I dream to work in and sharing who I can be. Everyone else had spent hundreds to attend this event, I won tickets 4 times. I decided by the 4th, maybe this is Gods sign to go. Now stay tuned because this will come to play later.

It's incredible to be surrounded by others that are excited by what you can achieve. Sharing each other's struggles and achievements through each entrepreneurship journey. As well as, introducing yourself as such and feeling excited to be it. They do say, fake it until you make it. But there was nothing fake about it, I felt like 'me'. I met some amazing people with genius ideas and spirit even made some amazing friends along the way. The talk by motivational speakers and famous Entrepreneurs I’ve listened to for a while, was so inspiring to finally see in person. I noticed things that they said that id learnt along the way that made me realise I have got this. I could be standing up there one day. I can do this and if through everything they have achieved their vision I can also. Conversing with empowering people and having the opportunity to hear incredible stories and also help others was a true blessing.

And then it happened, the time to personally speak to these big cheeses. There was a room where each person got to sit down with them. Their intention was to sell a course to me, I wasn't interested in the course. Oh no. I was interested in being remembered. I mean thousands of pounds to tell me how to start a business, when If I had that money, id use it for the business. I made sure they remembered me. What was meant to be a pitch to me, was me pitching to them. Using that time to show them who the real boss is. I impressed them with my ideas. They loved my confidence and said I was going places and shook my hand and asked for my details.

It was the end of the day and final talk, and people with raffle tickets could stay longer for the draw. My free entry ticket that I won, included a free raffle ticket. Worried about my train journey home but feeling inspired and accomplished and having these successful people believe in me, I felt I gained more than I even expected and left the building along with many others. When God tells you to stay, he says that for a reason and in my case my unique raffle ticket number had been called and my 5* holiday to Bali went out the door when I did. Yes, you heard me, not only did I win tickets to the event, 4 times, I won tickets to BALI! I found out the next morning from one of my new friends. Because I left, they had to re draw. Gutted! The next day I was feeling so inspired, excited for my launch in the future and learnt a valuable lesson. Stay that 5 minutes longer, work that little bit harder, be that bit more dedicated to opportunities and each goal and it will pay off in some way or another. I may not have been able to receive my trip to Bali, but I had the best day and learnt a valuable lesson I won't forget! Hopefully with that motivation I gained from that day who knows, maybe I’ll get myself to Bali.

There's a whole load more to this story and day but I think 'll save that for another time...

Update years later...The whole truth

(Hey, this is Elsie years later. 2022 me. There was a lot I wanted to say when I first wrote this article but felt I couldn't. The most important part of the story.) And to 2019 me, thank you. This update is for you. We did it! Truth is, I wasn't just afraid of catching the train home that day. I was scared of my boyfriend who didn't want me to go to this event in the first place. I was so scared to be later than I told him I would and the abuse I'd receive. Oh boy did we receive it. Let this add to my bravery of that day not take away from it. How getting on a train and to London all by myself was one thing but doing it whilst in an emotionally abusive relationship was another. Thank you for choosing us past me, you're the best. I actually wrote this article sitting in the same room to him, petrified, and guilty of how proud I was that I had managed to go to London all by myself. Girl, you deserved to be proud, what we did was awesome. You knew it. Proud that I had this little spark of self-belief that came from being surrounded by likeminded people. Writing it both excited but guilty that I was in a space with people that truly believed in me. But with abuse, you feel like you're betraying them by doing what makes you happy. Self-care is survival, and your dreams belong to you. The ticket I won to Bali, was especially important. Because I had prayed to God to specifically win a ticket abroad for me to escape the abuse. If I stayed just that bit longer, I would of. A train conductor accidentally directed and led me onto the wrong train. Realising I was extremely later than I said I'd be and knowing I was about to receive abuse and threats, I had a panic attack on the train and went from feeling extremely brave, bold and like a badass boss, to suicidal out of fear. I got home safe, yes. I of course dealt with the wrath of my ex shouting and calling me names. But going to the event, it was worth it for me. For once, I listened to me first. It was one of many days that helped me discover my self-worth during this time. For that day, I was myself. My best most confident version. A version I hadn't seen in a while. It was important that now me, to include this for then me, who desperately wanted to share with you the truth of why this London trip was so brave and important to me. Why walking into chandeliers and giant plants, was so special for me. And still is. 2019, me, know it got better. Since then, I have broken up with him, flew myself to Paris by myself and networked with incredible people, heck even tried sneaking into fashion shows and was a metre away from Kate Moss! You know, your hero. For anyone trying to break away from abuse, know you aren't brave despite the abuse, you're brave because of it. And to then me, dealing with abuse, I am so insanely proud of you for following your heart and impressing the heck out those big cheeses that day. Networking like your life depended on it, because it truly felt like it. One day I will take you to Bali. You deserve it. I love you, me.

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