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About Me

Why I'm doing this, and who i'm doing it for.

Sharing my journey to entrepreneurship to empower those with mental health to get their power back! Chase their dreams, find strength in their voice, in their story, using their detailed outlook on life to find beauty everywhere and in every stage of life. As well as feel f*ing fabulous. 

I may not of learnt it all but I feel the need to share with you what I have learnt.

Demonstrating and sharing my personal experiences of compassionate therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to inspire people to take their power back by facing fears and making this process as loving, spontaneous and adventurous as possible.

Make your life loving, spontaneous and adventurous.

From as early as the age of 2, I was asking my mum why I was so ugly or why I was so plain. I showed signs of Body Dysmorphia before I had the chance to discover my self worth. I would stand in front of the mirror and mock myself.

Since a young child, I had a huge love for the arts, Drama, dance, fashion, photography, media. Absolutely obsessed. I'd use this to help and express or completely hide from what I was going through. Being on stage, I could be someone else or share emotions I couldn't as Elsie at the time. I spent most of my time trying to heal and empower others that I became very good at hiding my own struggles. You can be both a positive encouraging person but also feel deep pain, your mental health does not determine who you are.  From feeling there was something different about me and growing up to still battling everyday with serve body dysmorphia, these uncontrollable artistic dreams and an urge that my limitless ideas to help the world should exist for people. There is so much more for me to say that I am excited to finally be starting somewhere. Sharing my journey as I go rather than continue to wait for life to be aligned, me to be stronger and my ideas launched because there is power in accepting each aspect of your story. Self love takes commitment and consistency for it to feel consistent naturally, I hope by sharing my wacky journey it can help you commit to yours. It has taken me a long time to get to this thrilling exciting place I am in now. And no matter how i'll wake up feeling tomorrow I sure as heaven know more about self care and making the most of it. 

Saving bugs that flew into my drink and coming home from sex ed class and telling everyone "out of millions,WE won the sperm race!" I was always aware of this beautiful gift of life but I believe because of that i started to grieve a life without mental health because of the restriction it had on my life and the life i wanted, a restriction to this limitless, fearless, dream big person I am. I have gained so much more since i started to be accepting of my story, the good and the bad. Considerate towards my experiences and stop treating my life like its an untouchable subject because there's power in it all. I know people who have been through crazy things and they truly have still managed to find fulfilment AND love their body which is their friend and that has been there throughout everything.

Finding something so stunning and beautiful in everyone around me became a true talent of mine from a young age, probably from comparing myself to everyone around me but that's when I realised i can help people see their beautiful qualities, help them heal and feel sassy by adding a bit of my extra ass 8 year old self in there. With my love for fashion and arts and my deep passion for helping others love themselves I knew Fashion, Media and Entertainment was the place I needed to start. Seeing the worst in myself helps me see the best in everyone else and understand the issues they face when it comes to feeling confident. I have ideas for a celebratory future in these industries and am excited to share them all and hopefully show you whats really possible when you never give up on your happiness. 

Founder, CEO for upcoming projects, Fashion Stylist, Designer, Runway and Self Celebration Coach

About Me: Bio
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